The road from Michigan to North Carolina


In the mid 1990's Kelly Brady and Jaime Kosofsky found themselves in law school at Thomas M. Cooley Law School (now Western Michigan University) in Lansing Michigan. Although Jaime and Kelly never formally met during law school it was but the first chapter of the story of Brady & Kosofsky, 

After graduating from Law School, Jaime and Kelly both moved to North Carolina to start their career. Kelly ended up hanging her shingle and starting a real estate law firm from day one. Jaime came to Charlotte to work in the NASCAR motorsports industry, and after building a successful general practice, Jaime found himself a closing attorney and later an REO attorney working for a regional default law firm.  

In the winter of 2007 their paths crossed again. This time one of Kelly's contractors was married to one of Jaime's employees and after several meetings between the partners, the firm of Brady & Kosofsky, PA opened its door in February 2008.

Kelly and Jaime are very different people, and serve very different roles within the firm. 

Regardless of their differences and strengths, Kelly and Jaime share the same core values, and the same unrelenting desire to deliver a quality legal product, at a fair price, in a compliant manner.

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