Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

The situation is starting to get a little ridiculous here on the front lines of the residential mortgage industry. On one side, we have our friends at the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau, Congress, and the FTC telling us that the banks are responsible for the action ... read more

Happy New Year 2015- Bring It On!

Brady & Kosofsky, PA, a North Carolina based Real Estate Law firm is happy to announce it rounded up its 2014 Calendar year by completing the activation of its full integrated closing system. This integration allows Brady & Kosofsky, to fully integrate with many... read more

What I Have Learned From The Compliance Movement

What in the world does a burned up power strip have to do with Compliance? The ALTA BEST PRACTICES ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE NUMBER 3.13, states: Obtain management’s procedure for data and system backup and business resumption to protect against destruction, loss, or damag... read more

Good Bye 2014

2014 was a strange year in many ways.... it started off a little slow, we all new that RESPA TILA reform and Dodd Frank Implementation was coming but we were not sure what it was gonna look like. By January of 2014 our firm had formally adopted the ALTA Best Practices, ... read more

The Paradigm Shift

In 2015 the Residential Real Estate industry will be forever changed. There will be new documents, the HUD-1 will no longer be used when a loan closed, the time lines for closing will be a bit trickier than before, the banks will be more involved with who can perform th... read more