A call for TRID Operational advice—Bridging the Gap!

We got the official announcement that TRID implementation is October 3, 2015. Today we had a conference call with an industry partner and they asked me what seemed was an innocuous question, however I really think this could be a great forum for all of the my lender/com... read more

Understanding Your Loan: Closing Cost Details

Page 2 of your Closing Disclosure details specific closing costs. Section A includes: Origination charges collected by the lender Origination fees paid to brokers, loan officers or other parties and Discount Points ... read more

Your Rights And Rules For Closing Disclosures

The Closing Disclosure documents the actual terms of your loan transaction. You should receive it no later than 3 business days before consummation. It must be in writing - paper or digital. If the loan terms or costs change prior to consummation, your lender mus... read more

Understanding Loan Estimate Comparisons

Page 3 of your Loan Estimate includes measures to help you compare loans. “In X Years” shows the total amount you will have paid in that time, and the dollar amount applied to your loan principal. The ratio between total paid and principal reduced may... read more

Calculating Your Cash To Close

Page 2 of the Loan Estimate provides the current ESTIMATED cash to close. Some costs will stay the same between estimate and closing. Some will change. A - Origination Charges - should match. B - Can’t Shop - 10% Tolerance C -... read more