The keystone of our business model is collaboration, consulting, and brainstorming. Our Real Estate Attorneys, Industry Professionals and Staff are obsessed with finding a better way to do our everyday tasks. 

Our firm takes great pride in being true partners with our clients, our collaborative partners, and industry technology providers.  Team members of Brady & Kosofsky have beta tested the majority of the digital closing tools being used in the industry. Our reputation as thought leaders has grown over the past ten years. 

If you attend a national industry conference, or read the trade publications, its likely you will see one of our Team members heavily involved.

If you have a new closing technology or idea, we want to talk to you. We want to help develop it, and we want to use it  before anyone else does.

If you have a concept- lets discuss it and figure out how to make it work in practice.

If you have a product- let us beat it up, poke holes in it, and see how it runs.

The closing world is full of round holes and square pegs- let us help you fit them together. 

Memberships and Speaking Appearances

Brady & Kosofsky and or its Team Members are active members of RESPRO, ALTA, MBA, MBAC, and the NC BAR and are often asked to present at their events. 

Our Team members speak on: eClosing, eRecording, Compliance, Cybersecurity, North and South Carolina Real Estate Practice, Mortgage Fraud, Title, and other rising areas of practice

email: to have us speak at your event