Jaime Kosofsky

Founding Partner- Chief Revenue Officer

Jaime Kosofsky is a co-founder and Partner at the law firm of Brady & Kosofsky, the leading settlement and title provider in the State of North Carolina. As the Chief Revenue Officer, Jaime is responsible for driving revenue via strategic partnership and marketing initiatives for the firm. Under Jaime’s leadership and direction, the firm became the first Law Firm in North Carolina to regularly perform electronic closings in North Carolina. Prior to focusing on digital mortgage and eClosing. Brady & Kosofsky became a thought leader in law firm/ title provider cybersecurity as demonstrated by successfully becoming one of the only North Carolina firms to successfully complete annual SOC2 AT 101 Type II audits for four consecutive years beginning in 2014. Jaime currently is a board member of North Carolina's eClosing Pilot Program, which is sponsored and administered by the North Carolina Director of Secretary of State, a member of the MISMO, Online Notary Development Workgroup, eMortgage Workgroup and the American Land Title Association Online Notary Taskforce.


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