A consumer's ownership of their home and property can be affected by any decision they make and can based on any area of the law. A closing attorney must have a deep knowledge of county, city, locality laws and ordinances in which the property sits. The Closing Attorney  for the  all steps of the transaction (collectively referred to as "the closing") must understand Property Law, Contract Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Family Law, Federal Bankruptcy Law, Securities Law, Privacy Law and just about every other facet of the law you can think of. 

The team at Brady & Kosofsky knows that the largest investment and asset in the typical person's life is their home. It keeps them protected from the elements, its the place where they raise their families, and live their life. It is for this reason that our Team comes to work and give a 110% effort every day. It is for this reason that our employees strive to show compassion and empathy to our clients as the experience the highs and lows which accompany these transactions.  In the end we strive to utilize all of our knowledge and resources to make every transaction with Brady & Kosofsky simple. 

Some of our clients are individuals, some of our clients are lending institutions of all sizes, while others are multinational companies. To make sure we get you with the right team who can best meet your needs please visit the Practice Area tab for a full menu of our services and products. 

We have described the most commonly used products and services; however, if you are not seeing a product or service that applies to your current transaction or project, please contact us to discuss how we might best serve the needs of your transaction or project 

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